Kennel Blue Berry Granddad's Pooh Bear - or simply Pooh - is living in Belgium with Peggy and Niko and baby-boy Pim. Furthermore the cat Fons is part of the family.
Pooh is from our G-litter with Magnus as father and Meggie as mother. Its been two years since we last saw him. Then he was a big boy with lots of coat and a typical nonmature youngster behaviour!.
Then the other day we received a late christmas-card. Pooh is doing very well. He has grown much carmer and is doing great with Pim - as you might see from the picture. We are very happy to see the nice and close companionship between a child and a dog growing up together. Leraning to respect eachother.
Buy the way - family is growing at Poohs place. They are having a baby in march. Something to look forward to for Pooh and Pim.

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