The K-litter is 8 months old now, so we thought it was time for some grooming-lessons. Because more of the pups from the litter have entered the Danish OES-Club Christmasshow 4th of December, it was also appropriate with some show-training.
We have had contact with alle the dogs from late Winnie's H-litter, so they were invited as well. Some of them also entered the Christmasshow, some just come down to say hello.
Showing your dog is not learned in one lesson, so we suggested to meet several times. Which also made it easier for everybody who wanted to find a suitable day or two.
First time was sunday the 6th of November.
Fist we groomed and talked about showing - then we went out to practice.
Everybody agreed that showing is not as easy as it looks. Especially when ones sisters and halfsisters are standing next in line (they al have the same father).

Left: Terkel and Kevin on the groomingtable.
Jeannie with Kevin from the K-litter.
Jette with Terkel from the K-litter.
Desiree with Frodo from Winnie.
Alberte with Frida from Tove.
Tina with Whisky from Winnie.
Tomas handled Gizmo from the K-litter.
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After the show-training lesson it was time to run and play in our garden. In the afternoon Jørgenwent to the beach with our four dogs and Gizmo (K-litter). We looked after Gizmo while Martin was away for a week. Right it is Gizmo and Maise.