Many OES-generations were gathered in our house during Easter.
Murphy from our N-litter spent a week with us, while Hanna and Christian were on holiday. Murphy is a very sweet dog and he quickly became familiar with our group of dogs, after mum Maise had told him the rules!
Thursday Neo from the O-litter came from Ystad in Sweden with Cecilia and Erik for lunch. We had time to put him on the grooming table. He is 8 months now and his coat is shifting. That means lots of work with the brush.
On the table Neo cried just like most male dogs tend to do – even if they are barely touched! But he found out there was no way to go, so we got hair out from his ears and showed how to get rid of knots without destroying the fur.
Neo is a gorgeous male with a wonderful type, we think. He also has a fine temperament, which is really great.
So we went for a walk in the sunny weather, and boy did the dogs run fast over the fields!
Our Snowy was happy that Neo wanted to play with her, and Alonso did a great job as a sheep dog, and caught the young rebels when they got too far away from the group.
Finally we had time for a family photo. Her we have al the generations together: Misty, who is mother to Maise and Alonso and grandmother to Snowy – and Maise who is mother to Murphy and Neo.
Neo doing some show training.
Murphy, Snowy, Maise and Alonso watching from insite the house.
Snowy was pleased that Neo wanted to play with her.
They continued playing in the fields next to our house.
Great weather for a walk.
Two handsome guys: First Neo from the O-litter.
Next Murphy from the N-litter.
Alonso, Misty, Maise, Snowy, Murphy and Neo with Birte, Erik and Cecilia.
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of our own dogs in the forest in March.
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