We have lost our dear friend Pam Dever from Vermont USA. She lost the fight against cancer only 67 years old.
It was back in 2004 that we got an email from Pam, where she wrote that she had seen our homepage and liked the photos. We wrote back, that we were pleased.
That was the beginning of our friendship.
Many mails later Pam wrote us, and suggested she could travel to Denmark and we invited her to come and stay with us.
Except for the mails and very few photos, we didn't know Pam, and she didn't really know us. But we both had the feeling, that we were connected in some way.
We picked up Pam at the airport in Copenhagen and drove her to our home, and from the first minute, we had this strange feeling that we had known each other for many, many years.
We shared one big interest "the Old English Sheepdog", but soon we found that we could talk about lots of other things.
Pam came to see us in Denmark four times, and each time she came with us on our dog-weekends with other OES owners. So Pam got many Danish friends.
The last time Pam visited us was in 2011, and we were able to show her our "holiday-paradise" the North of Jutland.
Birte visited Pam in 2008 and 2010. She enjoyed the stay very much, and on the last day in Vermont they brought Pam's new OES, Eefa, home.
Pam gave Birte the interest for kayaking, and every time Birte is on the water, she is sending Pam a thankful thought.
In our homepage we have many photos from Pam visiting us in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 and from Birte's trip to Vermont in 2008 and 2010. Now we will bring only a few photos in memory of Pam.
Pam was a true friend of OES. She owned 4 OES and 1 OES mix.
The New England OES Rescue has found a really nice home for Eefa near Boston, where Eefa was born.
We will miss Pam. She was a warm and open person, who was interested in art, music, politics and cared a lot about other people. And she had a heart that was beating for the OES.
The first time Pam came to see us, she joined the BlueBerry-weekend.
It was on Tåsinge, Pam came in 2006 as well as in 2007.
Pam among OES-friends in Denmark This is on Tåsinge at the BlueBerry weekend in 2008.
In 2011 we were lucky to have Pam's company to our trip to Skagen.
Pam and Birte at the Skagen Museum in 2011.
Pam and Birte on the most northern part of Denmark - Grenen.
In 2001 Pam also joined the BlueBerry weekend in Klinteborg.
Pam in the kitchen with Susanne in Klinteborg.
Pam with two of her beloved dogs - Blue og Ivy. Birte took this photo when she went to see Pam in Waterbury Vermont in 2008.
Birte visited Pam in 2010, and they both picked up Eefa - Pam's last dog. Pam passed away July the 23rd and endeed is missed.
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