The puppies are five weeks and we are training them to their new life in new families apart from the pack.
The housetraining is a success. They want to go out in the yard to pee, and even stand close to the front-door and make noise when they have to go!
In the weekend we gave them collars on - they didn't like it! They have been on the grooming table and been out for a ride in the car.
We now by experience that car-driving can course problems. Not too many pups like it, at it i something the pup must get used to.
In an article in the danish kennel club magazine we read that car drive training should start when the pups are five weeks old. We go for small drives, to prevent the puppy from getting nervous or sick.
To our pleasant surprise none of the puppies reacted to the car driving. So with a couple of more drives in the next weeks, they shall be fit for driving.
Many people come to visit the puppies. During this weekend a couple of the families, who should have the pups later, came to see them.
During the next week the puppies will be paired with their new families. We have waited with the final selection, until we were able to judge the personality of each puppy. It will be best for all, if dog and family fit.
We have told the families to give us a couple of their favorites to choose from. We are sure that everyone will get the puppy they prefer.
We have families to all puppies except for one single male puppy who needs to find a nice, suitable family.
Lis and Lars Bo have prepared the hall , so that the puppies can run from the puppy room and out - to follow life in the rest og the house.
The new families come to visit the puppies.
One by one the pups get on the grooming table every day.
They have collars on for the first time....don't like!
They say, when they want to get out in the yard to pee. Afterwards it's time to play and fight with the mates.
We took the puppies for car rides. Two or three at a time. To our plesant surprise they didn't cry. Just rested in the car. Practice shall continue for the next weeks.
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