Four weeks have gone, and the seven pups really are aware of the world.
Even though the limit is still the puppy room, with some minor trips outside.
Lots of things happened in the puppy room. They can play together, drink Toddi's milk and they can drink water and soaked dry food from bowls. They are very clever to eat and drink for them selves.
Toddi's milk production decreased for a few days but is back to normal again. That's is normal. We saw it with our own Misty and Maise, when they had puppies.
They really take contact to humans. Their sight is developing and they can focus really well. When we sit down next to them they come running to investigate and to play.
They growl, they fight, they shake paws and they bark – just like real dogs should!
Puppy buyers have come to visit them. The puppies are happy when they meat new people who want to caress them.
On the next site is photos showing each puppy from both sides. Just for the fun of it you could look at the same pictures taken, when the litter was only three days old.
See the puppies one by one - from each side
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