It starts to tighten up, now when the puppies are in their seventh week. Many things should be one, before the seven P-pups can be handled over to their new families in the weekend.

They should get the health- and eye check for instance.

But this weekend we had the litter microchipsed and mental tested.
We have used Helle Mulvad several times before to test our litters. The purpose of the test is to show, what material the pups are made of. As breeders we get a great tool to use later on, if problems should occur out in the new homes.

The test gives a picture of the mental strengths and weakness of each puppy. This is very difficult to see, when the litter is together and one strong group.

In the tests the puppies are out on their own. Lars Bo and Lis had rearranged their living room into a perfect arena. A placed the puppies had never been before.
Here they were placed one by one.

First test is isolation: How does the puppy react to being left alone, apart from the group.
Next test is contact. Helle Mulvad (whom the pups have never met before) comes in. Do they contact her? Is it too little or too much?
Will they play? Will they tug a rope? Do they growl, do they shake it?
A ball is being rolled. Will they hunt? Do they run after the ball? Will they even fetch it and bring it back?
Arena-test: Four different things are placed in the bare room. Helle sits in there, but takes no contact to the puppy. How does the pup react? Do they try out the new things? Will they play with them, alone? Can they concentrate? Or do they cry for the pack?
Food test: Helle gives them a peace of food – and takes it fro them again. Do the hold tight? Growl? Or do they not care?
Surprise: An umbrella is opened. How do they react? How do they get relief?
A football is placed in the room. What do they say? Are they scared? Are they curious?
Sound: A bunch of keys is dropped into a metal bowl. Reaction? Relief?
Finally dominance: The puppy is turned on its back. How does the puppy react?

Overall the test went well. The litter is phlegmatic OES-puppies. At the moment they need some more self-confidence.

The new families will not get tough fighter dogs or hunting dogs. They will get cosy dogs that should have support from their new owners to face as many new things in life as possible.
Each puppy buyer will get a copy of the test – with Helle Mulvad's comments.
First test: The puppy is isoltated, and the the test leader enters.
Helle teases with a rope to see if the puppy wants to play.
A tennis ball is thrown. Will the puppy fetch it?
Arena-test: four things are placed in the empty room. Can the puppy concentrate, when he plays with one or more of the things?
Food-test: The test leader gives the puppy a goodie, and then takes it again. To see how the puppy reacts.
An umbrella is opened. The puppy is surprised and should go and check out the foreign thing.
A never seen object - a huge football.
Heys are trown in a metal bowl. The pup checks it afterwards.
Last test: Dominance.
....well,is the test over or what?
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Maybe the puppy wants to play with the ball?