The puppies are one week and doing really fine. Toddi gives them lots of milk, and they gain weight perfectly. They are close to have doubled their weight of birth by now.

Toddi is the perfect mother, calm and clever. This affects the litter. Mostly everything is total harmony in the puppy box.
But at lunchtime of course they are eager to get the best places for milk. So once in a while Lis has to interfere and make sure the gluttons don’t take over!

The first couple of weeks one is normally very careful to make sure that every puppy gets what he needs. The weighing-figures show that every thing goes as planned.
The puppies are slightly getting small leaks that will soon turn in to open eyes. They move around in the box, and it won’t be long until they really get up on their feet.

Their coat aptitude is showing. Some have coat with a curl, some have more straight coat. We look forward to see what it turn out to be.

Lis and Lars Bo do a big and careful job making everything work to perfection. Each morning we get and email with new photos telling us how the night has been and with the new weighing-figures. We are in phone contact every day and we go down to enjoy the litter as often as we can.
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Toddi is obviously proud of her puppies.
Birte and Lis checking out the weight of the puppies.
There were two bitches in the P-litter, and we should keep one of her. We have picked the last born puppy that Birte holds here.