They are curious and really want to explore everything. The pups are six weeks now.
During the last week they have developed and have become more aware of the fact, that the world can be dangerous.
So they are more careful, when we take them for a car-ride and invite them to take a short walk in lead, in a place not familiar to them (even though it is only a couple of minutes drive from their safe home).
This reaction is normal and essential. The pups must learn to be watchful and aware of potential dangers.
The car-driving and walks are important to make the small puppies become safe with the world that they shall be a part of in not two many days.
Every puppy has found a family to be. Most of them have got nicknames as well.
Our plan is, that next week we shall bring you pictures of each puppy with it's nickname and pedigree name
The last week will be very busy. The litter should be mental tested and they shall have a health- and eye check at the vet-clinic.
Lars-Bo with old Fnuggi, who was out for a walk. The pups have to say hello to him, of course.
First here's a bunch of pictures of the puppies playing in the yard in the beautiful weather.
So everybody is tired and wants to sleep. They really enjoy the small baskets, that Lis and Lars-Bo have placed in the puppy room.
Sleeping with dutch people!
Now we are awake and ready for a ride in the car.
Snowy waiting for people to get ready. First everybody brings one pup for the ride. Afterwards we take them two by two.
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Birte with the bitch-puppy we shall keep - Snowy.
One of the puppies goes to Holland. 'Roover' had visitors this weekend.