As we wrote the other day, the small cracks have begun to turn into eyes on the puppies.
More on some of them than on others. But it won't be long until they all could have a glimpse of the world outside. As you can see on the pictures, they are also getting up on their feet.
We think that next time we update the site, they will all be up and going.
The sticks on the sides of the puppy box have been removed. The pups are so big that they might get caught under the sticks, when they sleep in bunches under them.
Toddi is very careful, when she lies down. But for all sake Lis helps her down to make sure that no puppy gets squeezed.
Toddi has lots of milk so the pups are indeed growing. Toddi more and more leaves the puppy box, when she should not feed the pups. So soon it will be time for Lis to leave the puppy room at night with Toddi, sleep in her own bed and only get up when the pups cry for food.
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Birte with our coming puppy.
Lis arranging the puppies on Todi.
It won't be many days before the all are up on their feet.