Time passes, and it is strange to image that one year has gone, since the P-litter was born by Toddi in the home of Lis and Lars Bo in Hvalsø.
Since the puppies live in all corners of the country it has not been possible to gather all – yet! We hope that one day this will happen.
Until then you'll have to settle for a handful of photos of the 1-year old P-litter pups.
During this first year we have met all of you and been happy of the wonderful life you give the dogs.
Unfortunately Teddy has had problems with his immune response and we hope that he will soon grow out of it.
Happy birthday to all of you. We hope to see you a lot in the year to come.
"Jake" - Kennel Blue Berry's Paddy Snowman
"Skipper" - Kennel Blue Berry's Purple Haze In Snow
"Teddy" - Kennel Blue Berry's Pure White Snowman
"Roover" - Kennel Blue Berry's Prince Snowboots
"Snowy" - Kennel Blue Berry's Pretty Little Snowdrop
"Nuller" - Kennel Blue Berry's Perfect Snowflake
"Nikki" - Kennel Blue Berry's Powerful Snowstorm
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