This year as well as last year the OES-club invited to an OES-weekend in Nyborg on the island Fyn the 9th and 10th of August.
People came from miles away as early as Friday evening. We all stayed on the camping site Grønnehave Camping where there was cottages to rent.
The evening went with dinner and treasure hunt. The winnerteam had a huge trophy, which was passed on to the youngest on the team - it happened to be Michael Falch from Ærø.
After breakfast saturday we went to visit a farm with Mohair-Goats. We saw a Border Collie gather the goats, we heard about goats-breeding, we saw a goat beeing sheared and had a demonstration on how to use the wool from the goats. Last we saw the shop and bought home some nice things mad of goats wool.
After lunch the afternoon was free to do what we liked.
Lots of people and dogs on this years Nyborg Festival. 32 people and 19 dogs (15 Old English).
Tobias and Tumle (left) have become really good friends, since Tobias was on vacation at Tumles place in Jutland, while his family went on holiday by plane.
Tobias (H-litter) with Lone and Poul-Erik Dyrvig came to see us.
There was time for Birte to put Victor, Tumle, Fnuggi and Tobias (picture) on the grooming table. In the evening we went to Nyborg to see the open-air musical My Fair Lady. It was really great. Four people stayed home on the camping site and took care of all the dogs. They had a vived evening - Tumle (from our I-litter) jumped the fence, and Rosa opened a door to a cottage, and let five dogs outside!
After the muscial we went back to the camping site, had a barbeque and a good time untill it was very dark.
The next day Birte had to leave early, she had to go home to work. But the rest of the crowd stayed some more hours and relaxed on the site.
We'd like to thank Tonni and Lene, who have done a great job for many years now to make this great arrangement succed.
We allready look forward to next years festival which takes place in Nyborg the 6th.-8th. of August.
Our Misty loves to rest on her groomingtable. Underneath is Tumle in the shade.
Victor, Tumle, Iris and Fnuggi. All dogs from our I-litter. They all had a great weekend - and so did we!.
Four dogs from the same litter must be holding a Festival-record...
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