We had a wonderful weekend with the opportunity to see the two puppies from our O-litter.
Louis lives with his family Dyrvig in Fredericia in Jutland, and Neo with family Löfgren in Ystad, Sweden. It has been a couple of months since they left Maise and us. So we looked very much forward to this weekend.
The Dyrvig family drove to Ishøj beach, were we joined the Saturday. Lone, Poul-Erik, Louis and Me-Too was there, when we arrived. Louis indeed had grown, but looked really great. We went for a walk in the sand-dunes, and Louis said hello to mother Maise, Alonso and grandmother Misty.
Afterwards we drove to our place for a cup of coffee. Louis got on the grooming table to check teeth and hair in the ears. Everything was perfect. We are sure he shall grow up to be big!
Sunday we took Maise in the car and drove to Ystad.
Since they still have rules of traveling with dog to and from Sweden, Neo was not able to come to Denmark. But from January they will relax the rules, so we will be much easier to travel to and from Sweden.
Neo was nearly as big as brother Louis, but broader - like his father.
Maise had to tell him a word or two, since he was a bit too cheeky to his mother. But he was really glad to see her again.
Erik and Cecilia served home-baked buns, while Maise and Neo had a good time under the table.
It was nice to see that the two puppies are fine and develop really good. They are two different types, and both have explicit qualities.
We have arranged that we shall all meet again in January, when the change of regulations will make it possible for Neo to go to Denmark.
We already look forward to seem the boys together.
Thanks to Dyrvig and Löfgren for lettings see ‘our’ boys again.
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Maise, Louis, Misty and Me-Too.
Louis says hello to Maise.
Full speed ahead!
Louis in the dunes.
Hello to grandma Misty.
Handsome fellow...!
Louis and Poul-Erik('s legs!)
Alonso and Louis.
Two veterans: Me-Too and Misty.
Louis on the grooming table with Birte and Lone. Poul-Erik behind.
Maise sys hello to Neo.
Neo on the grooming table. Cecilia tto the right with Maise.
Neo has a gorgeous head.
Maise also wants to get up - and Neo does like her (see behind her).
Neo tries to stand nicely.
Erik with Neo and Maise.
Mother Maise with his son.