Happy New Year everybody!
It has become a nice tradition that we and some other families meet on the last day of the year to walk our dogs together and wish a happy new year.
Such it was the 31st of December 2015.
Lone and Per came with Simba. Arne, Susanne, Uffe and Sofie came with Luffe, Smilla, the Cotons Sif and Daisy. Beate camce with Panda, and Lene and Kim came with the two Labradors Mudhhi and Toffee. We came with Maise, Alonso, Snowy and Tiffany.
We all met at the old golf green in Værløse.
What a reunion! Everybody were happy to meet again. This year was special, since Beate and Panda from Ebeltoft join us. They were over here to spent New Years Evening with friends and found time to meet with us. Panda is sister to both Luffe and Simba – all of them from our N-litter with Maise as mother.
The dogs had a great time playing in the fields, and us two-leggers talked and chatted.
We ended the trip with a glas of sparkling wine and Birte’s home made pastry. Lone brought goodies for the dogs and was no doubt the most popular person of the day!
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