She was immediately accepted in our pack; so much that Maise thought Smilla should be protected, when a strange dog came too close.
Arne had to carry Smilla now and then, to be gentle to Smill'as young bones.
After the trip we enjoyed coffee and a glass of champagne.
This way the dogs had a fine day and were ready to meet New Year's Evening. The rest of us had the opportunity to thank each other for a fine year with lots of nice activities.
Many more were invited to the trip, but unfortunately had to cancel.
We hope to see you this year – on the 31th of December.
Some say this is a tradition!
It seems as if it might be the beginning of a fine tradition that we meet on the last day of the year to do a walk in the woods.
The participators on this year's tour were actually certain that this has to go on.
Lene, Kim and Emil with Muddhi, Lone and Per with Simba, Susanne, Arne and Sofie with Luffe and their new puppy Smilla, met on the 31st of December together with us and our Misty, Maise and Alonso.
It rained the day before, and it rained the day after. But on this very day the sun was shining and the temperature was just above freezing level. Perfect weather for a walk.
On the trip young Smilla appeared to be a very clever puppy, able to meet both old dogs and strange people.
Smilla was carried now and then. She is just a puppy and may not walk very long.
The sun was up. Weathr was great.
Smilla fitted perfectly into our pack.
The trip took place in the 'Hareskoven' close to Copenhagen.
The old dogs found many interesting smells in the forest.
Old Misty liked the speed, when Smilla was being carried.
People passing us should say hello to our dogs.
Smilla and Muddhi.
Arne and Smilla.
Finally we said cheers and thank you for a great year with many wonderful activities together.
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