Kennel BlueBerry would like to thank you all for showing interest in our tiny homepage through the year.
2002 indeed was eventfull for us. Among many things to happen, Moonie came up with a wonderfull litter, followed by nice puppy-buyers - new acquaintances.
We have had lots of precious time together with nice people and gorgeous Old English Sheepdogs.
Some of the events you have been able to share with us on this website.
With the best wishes for 2003, Magnus, Meggie, Moonie, Misty, Birte and Jørgen want to wish you all:
Happy New Year!
Our own four dogs relaxing after a bussy Christmas! Upper right is Magnus, waiting for a brushing-hour on his table. Upper left Misty is wondering, if anybody would serve her some Christmas-goodies, while Moonie is having a short nap. Above: Meggie with her favorite Teddy. Good times are coming!

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