The last weekend of November was a great opportunity for us to meet some of our friends.
The Danish OES Club had its Christmas-show Sunday. Two of the I-litter puppies entered. Victor from Ærø and Tumle from Mols. So both dogs and families went to Copenhagen. Victor and family stayed at our place. Tumle and Beate at Henriette and Salvatore.
Henriette and Beate had planned a walk in Copenhagen Saturday.
So it was two days with lots of nice dog-events.
Lots of people and dogs came for the walk. Birgit and husband came all the way from Frederikshavn with sally (who entered the Club show sunday as well). Sessa and Erwin came with Dusty (our H-litter), Zorro and Kian.
Henriettes mother and Salvatore came with Rosa and the two New Foundlands Rigmor and Valborg.
Lis, Ann and Mie came with Fnuggi (from our I-litter).

We met at The English Church in heavy fog! The first part of the walk was on the fields of Kastellet, where the dogs could run free.
Then we went along the harbour-front to Nyhavn in the center of Copenhagen. After a short photo-session on Amalienborg (the queens palace), we went back again. Many tourists stopped us during the walk to talk about our dogs and to take pictures. Especially the japanese!
After the walk, we drove to Henriette and Salvatores place to relax and have something hot to drink. We also had some fun playing for small gifts we had all brougt. Especially the things Herdis had made herself with beautifull OES-paintings on it were a real hit!
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