We drove to Norsminde Inn south of Aarhus Friday the 11th of March. With us we had Misty, Maise and Alonso.
First we took them for a long walk on the beach and spent some time making them feel at home in the hotel room. They spent the evening in the room, while we enjoyed a fine dinner in the restaurant.
The next day we drove to Mols, where Marianne and Jan once again were so kind to let us all inside their house for an OES-get-together.
We met with Lillian and Jan who have Geisha. It was wonderful to see how fine Geisha has fit in, since they got her after Elise died last year.
Carl came with Dina, and Rie came the long way from Aalborg with Nessa. From even longer away came Birgit with Cassie and Ami – they live in Saeby, North Jutland.
First we all went for a walk along the beach south of Grenaa. The nine OES’ were able to run free and play. Yet, Maise had to have some order among “her puppies” – Geisha, Nessa and Dina from the N-litter.
After the trip we enjoyed lunch together and then it was time to do some show training and grooming.
On our way back to the ferry to Sealand, we visited Beate and Panda (N-litter) in Ebeltoft. They were not able to join our get-together, since Panda had some stomach disease.
Marianne and Birgit, who both are local representatives for the Danish OES-club in Middle- and North Jutland made plans for future arrangements in the area.
Once again thanks to Marianne and Jan, who are so positive and willing to open their home for us. Thanks to all of you who came and made it a great day.
Alonso and Maise in the hotel room.
Misty has found herself a nice place.
First we took our dogs for a walk on the beach in Norsminde.
Birte with our dogs. Later we had dinner in the restaurant behind.
Geisha laughing, while the others are nosing around.
Birgit's Ami and Cassie in front.
Three N-pups: Dina, Nessa and Geisha.
Nessa likes to walk between Rie's legs!
Most of us together.
Geisha has got herself a fine home with Lillian and John.
The beach south of Grenaa.
Geisha in front and behind her Alonso and Maise.
Fuzzy and Geisha know eachother and like to play.
Gesiha and Fuzzy.
It was a great trip on the beach. Afterwards we drove to Marianne and Jan and did some grooming and show practice.
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