Sunday afternoon: Maise is impatient and restless. She walks around and squeaks. Follows us everywhere, and prefers that we sit still and are all together – Misty, Alonso, Birte and Jørgen.
Her temperature fell during the night to 98,6 and now starts rising to 100,4, which indicates that the birth can begin. Her breath is heavy. She doesn’t eat. Maybe a small goodie, that’s all. She drinks water. That’s all.
It’s OK. She should be cleaned for the birth.
She lies close to where we are or goes into the garden for heavy digging. That’s fine. The more digging, the easier the labour pains could get going.
She goes with us for walks with the two others, but she prefers small walks. Feels more comfortable staying in her safe ‘cage’, where the birth should take place.
Now, all we could do is wait for the birth to start. According to the notes that Birte made the last time Maise was pregnant, it could start in the night or tomorrow.
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Maise on the bed waiting for the birth to begim....
Maise has a lot to cary when she is out for a walk.
Maise, Birte and Misty on the dirt road outside our house.
Maise wants go get home again in a hurry - Misty and Alonso follow.