Sound Solution Ground Control
Far/father: Aryakas Cosmo Junior CH Reata's Cosmopolitan CH Danish Delight Sophies Dutch Joker
CH Reata's Avantgarde
CH Fan-Fell Qualify For Happiness CH Reata's A1
CH Fan-Fell Givenchy
Mor/mother: Argovian Cinnamon Delight Krisendaw Silver Steel At Shaggylan CH Bobbington Latin Lover
Krisendam Pure Delight In Charmlea
Pennylane Love'n Kisses CH Lamedazottel Jazzsinger
CH Lamedazottel Graffiti For CH Pennylane
Blue Berry's Kiss of Snowflake
Far/father: CH Dreamdancer's Ballentines CH Uno di Uno a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal CH Keep Smiling Willy From W.-Germany
CH Geminot a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal
Georgina vom Bl├╝tenparadies Eskimo From The White Heather
Clementine aus dem Rotmaintal
Mor/mother: Lammorick Snow Flake CH Kerjalee Arnie Boy At Wildahar Kerjalee Joe Cool
Kerjalee Miss Moments
Lammorick Snow Storm Wookeymill Rollerboots
Rollingsea Lucinda