The N-litter is born. 10 puppies – six males and four bitches – were born August 30th.

During the day Maise got more and more restless. In the afternoon she wanted to stay in the garden. She walked from one corner to the other, was busy digging under our bushes and finally ended up lying below one of them. Waiting.

Since it got darker we decided to take her to our bedroom, where the birth should take place. Misty and Alonso were left in another room, and we started preparing for a long night.
We figured that Maise might start around midnight. But 7.30 PM the first puppy came. A lovely male weighing 500 g.

From then on the puppies came one by one. The last one was delivered at 4.00 AM. They weigh from 335 to 500 g. There are warm and heavy. We are very pleased with their markings; they have lots of black. That gives them character, we think!

Everyone is a fine eater. Some rest while others sleep. That’s nice, because then there will be less fight over the teats.
Maise is in good shape. She is in the box with them all the time. She began eating and drinking during the night.

The pictures show the litter in the order the puppies were born.
The first puppies are born and Birte waits for more to come.

Maise should go for a walk to get the labour pains going. So the puppies are wrapped in warm towels.
Male born 19,40.
Bitch born 20,30.
Male born 21,09.
Male born 21,55.
Bitch born 22,35.
Male born 23,25.
Bitch born 23,45.
Male born 01,00.
Bicth born 02,25.
Male born 04,00.
Maise is feeling very fine - she loves having puppies.
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