Since the puppies have entered the kitchen in the daytime, things have really progressed. Since they have much more space to move around in, they have become more stable on their legs.
Furthermore they are part of our everyday life, which means lots of new sounds and experiences for the small ones.
Clanking casseroles, noisy coffee mill, rumbling extraction, music in the background, the vacuum cleaner, adult dogs barking, us speaking loud etc.
It strengthens the puppies and prepares them to live a dog’s life in a human world.
We have also opened the door from the kitchen to the living room and to our patio. They are curious and eager for challenges, so everybody came with us out in the patio. Out on the wooden floor that smells different, out in the bright sunshine, closer to where the traffic is.
We give them pet food (soaked with boiled water) three times a day. Maise does the rest.
Maise has started training leadership. She brings a teddy to the puppies and wants them to get it. When they do, she growls at them. When mum says no, she means no. If puppies don’t respond to that the consequences could be fatal – in the animal world.
The puppies have got their kennel names. Since this is the N-litter, all names begin with an N.
Bicthes: Now I Am Cheekie, Never Ending Love, Nonesuch As Nessa and Nothing Compares To Me.
Dogs: Northern Star, New Kid In Town, Name Me Murphy, Nick Of Time, Never Say Never and Night And Day.
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