The moment we put our feet in the puppy room, we wake the awareness. The puppies quickly sense that it is us who come into the room. So they come running from every corner of the room.

They climb on us, as we sit down to caress them. They want to get up and have close contact. They recognize us and hope that we might bring some food. But taking is al right as well!

The litter is four weeks old today and all of a sudden they have become small individuals, who really tend to try their own skills. They seek contact with each other. They bite and shake each other, they tease and are tender. But they also want to dominate and growl a bit. By experience we know that this will accelerate in the days to come.

They react when being spoken to. Look us n our eyes. Sniff at us. Nestle against us. Now is the time it gets hard to be a dog breeder. From now on the puppies really become attached to us. And we to them.

This gets closer in the weeks to come. So we have the trouble. You can’t keep 10 puppies…..

We give them soaked pet food three times a day. They eat with manner and like the food. The weighing machine tells us that they get both pet food and Maise’s milk. They grow fast.
So why not exercise them a bit?

On their 4-week’s birthday we opened the door from the puppy room to the kitchen and let them out.
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