We're getting closer. Sunday the first puppies will say goodbye to their safe home.
Others will be taken away Monday or later.
We are busy getting the last, practical things arranged. Tuesday our own vet, Helle Christophersen, came to our house and made a health check on the litter. She really liked the litter and had no remarks at all to their health.
Health certificates were written to all pups, and two of them had special papers arranged: They shall live in Sweden.
Since a great deal of the puppies should go to Jutland, their coming families are not able to come and visit them as often as the ones who live close top us.
That’s why Birte has taken them one by one for a walk on our road. They have also been several times on the grooming table, and Thursday we take them for another ride in our car.
Monday they all drove to Karlslunde for the eye check, but that was not typical. Instead we will take each puppy for a private ride with us, giving him or her all the comfort they need. So they can be prepared for the long ride home.
They are growing fast. They have fine looking days and lesser fine days! But generally spoken we think they look nice. Anyway the puppies don’t care! They enjoy each other’s company and have a great time doing an autumn digging in our garden!
We have taken pictures of each puppy; they are on this page at the end.
Friday the litter should be mental tested. Saturday the last things should be arranged, and then – finally – it will be time for picking up the pups – ore most of them.
Luckily not all will be taken away Sunday. That would be too hard for Maise and for us. Some should stay a little longer, s agreed with the new owners of course.
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