It’s been three weeks since the N-litter was born. Lately their development has really increased.
They are much aware of each other. They have started biting, shaking hands at each other, growl and bark – like real dogs. They also react to people. It is obvious, that they recognize our smell and voices. When the foreign puppy buyers come to visit the litter, they are more careful.

The litter was not satisfied being in the puppy box. It was too small now that they have grown. So we removed the front of the box. Now they are free to run all over the room. So they sleep in every corner - in groups or alone.

We have given them their first worm-cure this morning. They didn’t like the fat paste. But it was necessary.
Maise still gives milk, and lots of it. We have also given the litter soaked pet food, but yesterday their stomachs were a bit loose. So we have given the pet food a break, to see how their stomachs react.

Alonso has had a look at the puppies for the first time. Maise will not let him, but in a moment when she left the puppy box, we let him sit in the doorway to look at the small ones.
He knows puppies from Maise’s M-litter. This time, though, he seems a bit more reserved to the pups. Well he has become one year older and developed from youngster to adult male.

Here are some new pictures of it all - at finally a picture showing a visit from coming puppy buyers, Rie and Søren from Aalborg.
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