Maise still gives them milk. But there seems to have been a small dropdown in her supplies lately. The puppies reacted by wakening more often crying for food.

So we tried to give them real food. Puppy pet food soaked op with water and added milk.
It was a bit of a job to make them eat the food. Still they are not steady on the legs, so you can’t just place a bowl in front of them. Every single puppy should be guided to the food. Gradually they started to eat. Today we tried once again, and they did much better. But of course they tumble around in the food. The floor looked like there had been a bomb dropped in pet food. But it didn’t matter – Maise licked up the rest.
It feels as if the puppies have developed a bit every time they wake up. To night some of them began to sit up. They also started picking and sniffing each other. As if they have suddenly discovered each other.
Their eyes are beautifully open now and many of them have got pigmentation in the corner of the eyes.
Even though the hearing sense is what comes latest, we’ve got a feeling that they have started hearing things already.
They still sleep in their puppy box. In a few days we will open the box and let them stay in the entire room. But as long as they are satisfied with staying in the box, we let them.
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