The last couple of days the puppies have developed very fast. Everyone has begun walking on four legs. Not stabile, but a good start. Everyone has begun opening the eyes. Small cracks turn bigger and bigger.

Until now the puppy box has been in our bedroom, so we could keep an eye on what was happening down there from our bed. But since Maise wanted to sleep outside the box and only jump in to the box, when she should feed the pups, we found it was time to move the puppy box to another room.

While Maise was lying on the floor with the whole litter, Jørgen screwed the puppy box apart and rejoined it in the other room.
Birte carried all the puppies to their new room and placed them in the box again.

For a moment, Maise didn’t like our plan. In her world everything should be in strict order. But soon she found out that the pups were all there behind the closed door.

So, for the first time, since the puppies were born, tonight we have all been sleeping in our usual places.
Maise listened to the puppies making noise. If they did, she came and fetched us, so that we could go there, open the door and let her in to feet them.

For us people it was almost back to a normal night’s sleep; even though we couldn’t help listening to noises that might come from the puppy room. But it’s a step back to normal conditions.

The next step will come, when we let the pups have the whole room. More about that in some days!
Upper right: Maise with half the litter,
while Birte takes the other halfl into their new room.

Maise watching if every puppy is there and allright.
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