It seamed like the puppies changed from small ones to real puppies over night.
When we looked at them this morning they suddenly had gotten real proportions, their bodies had gotten tighter, they started walking a bit, and on some of them the eyes are beginning to show.
Amazing how fast a puppy develops. No wonder Maise is constantly hungry. She should produce milk enough for the puppies to increase around 1 kg in weight every day.
For some time we have talked about having the puppies photographed one by one. But time just passed away! Now we made it, so here you have the whole gang taken from left and from right.
Taken in the order, which they were born

And a little extra pictures, now we had the camera going.
Male 1
Male 2
Male 3
Bitch 1
Bitch 2
Male 4
Bitch 3
Male 5
Bicth 4
Male 6
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