The N-litter is one week old. The first-born puppies have doubled their weight, while others are coming up.
There is a significant difference on the big pups, which weigh over one kilo, and a couple of the smallest. But for sure this will straighten out, the older the litter gets. Even if the big ones struggle heavily when it is milking time, the small ones fight back and get what they should.
The last couple of nights have been noisy. Some of the pups have had a stomach cramp, and we always worry; could it be an infection. But extra heat in the room, caressing them and giving extra food has done miracles.
It might have been the antibiotic that Maise gets that has caused the pain. We don’t know. But nevertheless we have stopped giving it to her. Her temperature is falling; so there seems to be no reason to continue with the medicine.
The personalities of every puppy are developing. Some make more noise than others; some have their one corner in the puppy box, some want so sleep alone, some want to sleep with their mates. This will be fun to discover in the time to come.
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