Days are beginning to get a regularly pattern. Having 10 puppies in the box a system is required.
The puppy box is in our bedroom, and we take our separate turns. One sleeps with Maise and the litter, while the other gets a decent night’s sleep in the room next door with Alonso and Misty.
Nights have become quieter. Which is nice for the ‘night watch’. Maise more or less takes care of everything by herself. But sometimes a puppy cries, because he has gone astray. So we should pick him up and bring him back to the others again. We shall also be sure that the smallest in the litter get their milk from Maise, and make sure that they don’t get tumbled around by the bigger ones.
Of course they put on weight differently. You can see that on the litter, where some are nearly twice as big as the others. That’s why we have started giving a couple of them extra milk in a nursing bottle.
Every day we weigh them on the kitchen scales to be able to follow their growth. That also gives us the opportunity to place Maise on a ped-bed on the floor together with the puppies and get their box cleaned.
Maises temperature is still a bit to the higher site. It is not unusual after a tough birth. She gets extra chalk and lots of extra meals, to make it possible for her to do the job as larder for the small ones.
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