Murphy and Simba playing in the living room.
With only Dina, Murphy and Simba left in the house it was very quiet. Maise was sad because her kids had gone, but she understood what was coming. So she stopped give them milk, and the thre pups had to do with the pet food.
Wednesday Birte and Carl came to drive Dina home to Århus in Jutland. They told us that the trip went very well. They only had to stop once to let her out and pee. Well at home Dina went to the garden and then the house to examine her new ‘cave’.
Left in our house was only Murphy and Simba. The two boys played and had a great time together. They developed from tiny puppies to nearly real dogs during that week.
Maise enjoyed the two of them and played with them as often as se could.
Friday it was time for Murphy to become Swedish. Hanna and Christian live in Malmø, and after a huge job getting the import-papers it was their turn to bring their puppy home. They also told us, that the trip went very well.
Back in Herringløse with us was only Sima. We moved him in to our bedroom at night. He slept in a small fence on his blanket. When he made noises we took him to the garden to pee. He only did that the first night. The other night he slept through.
We took Simba in the car to the beach in Ishøj with the rest of our dogs. He enjoyed the walk in the dunes, but was not pleased driving the car. Back home in our house he became part of the pack and joined them all day long. We also took him with us on the walks we do with the grown up dogs. He really liked being a single puppy. The last days as single really gave Simba strength that is valuable in his new life in Farum (Copenhagen) with Lone and Per.
Birte and Carl coming to bring Dina home. Simba.
The best thing is a shoe you stole yourself! Sharing all.
Friendly discussion.... Maise with Simba and Murphy.
Grooming time. Murphy getting ready for take of. Murphy is ready to become Swedish!
On more play, please! Christian and Hannah taking Murphy to Malmø.
Simba on his way to the beach. That's the way sand smells!
Maise and Simba in the sand dunes. It's a huge world out there.
Maybe there's something nice smelling in there... Tired puppy-legs - one has to be carried.
Simba in fine shape. Alonso, Simba, Misty and Maise.
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