We still remember when Moonie was born. A hot August day 12 years ago. Puppy to our Meggie.
Moonie’s tale was the first we saw sticking out. She was born backwards!
That was the culmination of a long period where we did not succeed in getting our own puppies. Moonie was the first living proof of a new, positive decade to follow. She was born Blue Berry’s Glance Of Moonbeam.
Moonie was first sold to a family, who handed her back after a month. Luckily!
To day we had to take the hardest decision any dog owner can.
For a lot of years Moonie has suffered from rheumatism. It didn’t get any better. Furthermore she started to cough very roughly a couple of weeks a go. And there was blood. We thought she might have some tumor inside of her.
Things got a little better, and we had some more weeks together with her. But during the last days it has been down hill. She wouldn’t eat. She coughed. And she had a look in her eyes that told us; now is the time.
Our dogs should not live in pain. So we took her for a ride to vet Helle from Albertslund Dyreklinik.
Moonie was resting in the back of our car, and we said goodbye to her. Peacefully she fell asleep.
Tough to do on her 12 years birthday. But best for her.
It didn’t make things easier, that people sent her presents and mails on her birthday.
Thank you all for being so kind.
A special thank to Bodil and Ejnar on Tåsinge, for whom Moonie has been their third OES.
In Moonie’s older years she enjoyed coming here on “seaside vacation”, when we went to France on holiday. Here she was in total harmony. She was spoiled beyond any limits, and made Victor (her son from her only litter, Blue Berry’s I-litter) relax and enjoy being together again with mom.
In her younger years, Moonie went together with us everywhere we went. On holidays at Skagen, in France, on walks, to agility and obedience school, to birthdays with other dogs etc. She has had a wonderful life.
It should have a decent ending, and so it did. Moonie was the leader of the pack to her last minute. Everybody admired her and respected her, and she enjoyed her position.
Here we sit left with all the wonderful memories. And the loss of magnificent dog.

Below four photos from Moonie's last seaside vacation on Tåsinge.
Moonie together with Victor.
Moonie, Victor and Lunte (Misty's son).
Moonie talking to Bodil.
Moonie loved to bath. Here she is in front and Victor behind.
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