Moonie having a good time with her puppies in our kicthen.
The beginning of life in the real world moved closer last week. Our I-litter was tested in several ways. They had to go to the eye-vet, they had to get their behavours tested and they had to go for a car-ride for the first time.

Wednesday afternoon a specialist in dogs-behaviour came to visit us and the seven puppies. Bente Iversen spent the whole afternoon examining the dogs mental behaviour. One by one their reaction to beeing left alone, to meeting strangers and to hear loud noices and new things were tested.

The purpose was to get in touch with the little dogs behaviour and to be able to solve some of the problems that might appear out in the puppies new homes.

Everybody reacted clever and well. But of course every new family has to work with their puppy, so he can learn to be left home alone, come as you call etc.

Bente Iversen was very pleased with the litter. They loved humans, didn't care about loud noices but one and all wanted compagny and fun.
None of them was nervous. A couple are born leaders, and their families have to work a little with them. All and all the litter was caracterized as sound and mentally in perfect shape.

We use the test-results to give the families good adviced in bringing up the puppies in order to make the best adaption. And we also use the test as a guideline for our breeding to come.

Thursday it was time for the puppies to go for a car-ride for the first time.

It went super. After some short crying, they all slept in the back of our car all the way to the eye-vet.

The visit at the eye-vet was also a succes. Everything was OK with the dogs. We had been nervous for the visit. Because a blind dog has no life. But everything went very well.

In brief: We had to days with a lot of things happening, but it came out to be two very good days. The I-litter has been tested, examined and looked at, so they are very soon ready to meet their new families.
Seven 7-weeks old puppies on their first ride - what seems to be the problem?
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