Life in the whelping-box has its rutines night and day. Almost every second hour it's time to eat. Moonie is coming just as soon as the puppies cry for her - that is most of the time.
But there was one night, when Moonie thought it was time to teach the small ones to sleep all night through. There was just one problem: The puppies didn't agree with her, and the humans in the house did not like to hear the crying of the puppies. So Moonie was orderer into the box!
Besides every thing is as it's suppose to be. The big male-puppy has gotten even bigger. He's a real glutton. On the other hand a couple of the puppies who didn't weigh so much at their birth now have overtaken their mates. That's the way it is.
Pigmentation on their noses is growing really well, and we have an idea that it won't be as long as we thought untill eyes will appear. Then the small ones can see eachother, their beloved mother and the humans gathering around the whelping-box.

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