The Puppies are now one week old, an most of them have doubled their weight of birth.
Moonie feels OK by leaving the litter-box for a short while, or she likes to lay just outside the box, watching the small ones moving around in the box with their heavy stomacks.
The upcoming families to the puppies are waiting inpatiently for the small ones to be two weeks old, Then they are allowed to come and visit the puppies for the first time. Moonie needs a couple of weeks to feel sure that nobody is taking the puppies from her.
Meanwhile everybody spends time finding out names for the dogs. Both for the pedigree and names to call the dogs.
Among the names to be called are: Nanna, Tumle, Fnuggi and Victor.
It'll be fun to see, who's is going to be named what. The puppies have to get registrated at the age of two weeks.

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