Blue Berry's Glance Of Moonbeam

Moonie was the first born puppy from our G-litter august 24th 1997. Right from the start she made a show of herself by being born upside down.
Her tale was sticking out, bowing beautifully rightwards.
Moonie is the grandmother in our pack. She loves the vacations at Family Falch on Tåsinge, where she is driven to the beach to go for a bath. She is nearly 12 years of age, and is only able to go for smal walks.
Moonie is the mother os our I-litter.
HD state: A.
Eyes.: Free from heriditary diseases.

Far: Mighty Mouse With Wobbling Sound Heavy Metal Plays
The Wobbling Sound.
CH Playboy Pepsi Is Kehr Fully Maid
Femke Of The Wobbling Sound
Izzy's Impact Into
Wobbling Sound
CH Vigilat's Dear Davy Jori
Emilou Love To Do
The Wobbling Sound
Vigilat´s Tale Of Meggie Moonbeam Symphony's
Somebody To Love
CH Likeabear Attention Please
NCH Rollingsea Sunday Special
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