The L-litter was one year old in September. Not everybody was able to come to our birthday-trip on the beach. Some simply live too far away. Molly does! She lives in Århus, Jutland, with Lene Wegge.
But one day Lene came to Sealand to visit her family. We told her, that we would be disappointed, if she and Molly didn't come to see us!
So they did!
It was nice to see the two of them again. We haven't been together, since we delivered Molly to Lene as a puppy. But also litter brother Alonso enjoyed the visit.
The two of them had a great time playing in our garden. Before Lene and Molly went back to her family, there was time for a "service-check" on the grooming table. Molly was looking fine, but had some dots on her legs. It is a sensitive place and dogs don't like being brushed there. Birte told how to cut in the dots to open them, so it will be easier to brush them out afterwards. Jørgen took some hair out of the ears. Using a peang (a forceps used in operations) it's easy to get a grip of the coat growing deep in the ears.
It was nice to see Lene and Molly and we hope to get together again in the near future.
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