For 10 years Misty has shared her life together with us. She has a very special place in our hearts. Has always been the quiet dog, but in her older days she has begun to talk a lot. She is cheeky and charming.
This is a small walk on memory lane:

Misty – Lammorick Snow Flake - was born the 14th of January at Sue Noyce in Cornwall England.
Birte visited Sue when the litter was two weeks old. The resukt iof Birte’s visit: Misty became our dog! A couple of weeks later Birte went back to Cornwall to pick up Misty and bring her home on a plane.
Misty 10 years old.
Misty as a puppy at Sue and Roger in Cornwall.
BIrte in Copenhagen Airport arriving with Misty in the bag.$
Misty has been with us on vacations many times. First time she was only four and a half month old. On the picture she is together with Magnus in Provence.
Misty is docked, so we have never been able to show her in Denmark. But she has been presented on shows in Sweden and in Germany.
On the show in Malmö 2003 she got her first cert..
Misty has also tried to heard sheep – and she was good at it! Misty has had three litters and has been a wonderful mother.
Lately we haven’t had Misty with us on vacations to the warm south. But Bodil and Einar from Tåsinge have Misty on summer holiday, when we go down south. On the picture she enjoys life in the garden on Tåsinge with her son from first litter, Lunte. It was also on Tåsinge, that Misty first learned to swim.
Misty is always with us, when we go to the north of Jutland together with her two kids Alonso and Maise. She really enjoys the walks along the beach and in the sand dunes. She is a tough little lady despite her old age. can I have those goodies!
To day I celebrate my 10 year birthday!!
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