Our Meggie (Vigilat's Tale Of Meggie Moonbeam) is 10 years old December the 28th 2003. Her birthday shall be celebrated with a New Years walk and something to eat and drink afterwards in our place. We expect Meggie's children and grandchildren to join the party.
It's difficult to understand, it's been 10 years since Meggie was born at Eef and Rita's kennel in Holland. Meggie's father was our (Symphony's Somebody To Love). Mother was Vigilat's Kissable Lady.
Vigilat's Kissable Lady (left) and right Paddy playing with Meggie.
Meggie 8 weeks and (right) 3 months.
Meggie has had two litters. From the first one we kept Moonie, the very first born puppy from Meggies first litter.
We have had a lot of contact with Meggie's brother, Shaggy, who lives in Belgium. Lately we received a Christmas-card from Shaggy and family.
Even though Meggie is a mature lady, she is doing very well. Her mood is just as wonderfull and silly as it was with the puppy we got 10 years ago!
Congratulations to Meggie - and to Rita and Eef as well as to Meggie's brothers and sisters out there!
Meggie's brother Shaggy (right) with Yazoo, Yqrec and Yoni. (Picture taken November 2003)
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