Meggie was 10 years old the 28th of December. So we had invited to a birthday- walk along the seaside and party afterwards at our place on January the 3th.
People came from miles away to celebrate Meggie: Lone and Poul-Erik Dyrvig came alle the way from Fredericia with Meggie's son Tobias and Me-Too. Beate all the way from Djursland with grandchild Tumle to join us. Sessa and Erwin from Helsinge came with Meggie's son Dusty (as wella as Zorro and Kean). Karina, Martin and Mikkel drove from Herlev with grandchild Iris. Henriette and Salvatore were there with their three dogs, and Lene and Michael brought two Retreivers. We brought Moonie, Misty and of course Meggie.
Quite a party!
It was a perfect walk on the beach. The weather was cold and frosty, so we all needed some hot coffe, tea and homemade backeries afterwards.
Everybody drove to our place after the walk.
Lone had brought her special cake, and Birte had made a birthday-cake for Meggie with an OES-motive on it. Birte also made a wonderfull cake-Old English Sheepdog with a black nose made of candy!
Meggie got many presents - dog-bisquits, smoked pigs-ears and two nice teddy-bears to walk around with in her mouth!. Both she and we had a wonderfull day, and we were all very tired after the party.
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