Me-Too has been living with us for a couple of weeks now. Søs is very ill, and the deal between her, Poul and us has allways been, that if needed, we'd take Me-Too and Smilla back and give them a happy life.
Luckily Poul wants to keep Smilla in the house in Holte. Smillas has got a trim and everythings works well at the moment.
In the meantime Me-Too has moved into our house.
In the beginning she had to find her place in the pack and get used to an other way of living. It has turned out better than expected. Me-Too is very happy and gets a lot of wonderfull experiences together with the rest of our dogs.
Here are some pictures taken during the first time, Me-Too has been together with us. From walking in the woods and on the beach.
The picture above shows (left to right): Meggie, Magnus, Misty, Me-Too and Moonie.
Right is Me-Too on the beach.
Me-Too at the speed of sound! Meggie, Misty, Me-Too, Moonie and Magnus.
Me-Too - happy doggy on the beach.
Moonie together with Me-Too - behind is Magnus.
Meggie in the late summers sun in the forest.
Wonder what's going on out there in the distance?
Birte and the pack looing for mushrooms.

Kennel Blue Berry mainsite