We had a dog massage OES-club evening in our home in Herringløse 14th of november.
Torben Nielsen (Kennel Sound Solution) has practiced dog-massage for many years, and he agreed to spend an evening showing us 20 people and 10 dogs how to do this professionally and what to do for your self.
First Torben demonstrated 'babymassage' on the puppies Buller (7 months) and our Misty (10 months). On puppies you have to be tender and careful.
The big Dusty (3 years) enjoyed to be the next victim. On him Torben demonstrated real dog-massage ending with stretching the legs.
Our own Meggie has been to Torbens clinic for massage during a year and she had a personal massage before the guests showed up.
Now that every dog was getting massage on the table she was eager to get up and have an extra turn. This goes to show that she loves it - in spite of rheumatism and aching muscles.
After the demonstration groomingtables were placed all over and Torben helped us to massage our own dogs. We concluded that what looks easy in Torben's hands actually takes a lot of practice and experience.
The evening ended with coffe and cake. Søs had made some very delicious cakes for us all.
Thanks to Søs and Poul for the cakes and thanks to Torben for a very instructive evening.
Above: Torben massaging Dusty on the legs.

Right: Buller - puppy at 7 months- gets 'babymassage' while Smilla is having a nice time on Søs' leg.

Below: The demonstration ended with streching the legs on Dusty on table and floor.

Thanks to Anne Tinning who did the lovely pictures on this site.

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