Great day in Malmø Sweden for the danes who did very well overall in the show of Sydsvenske Kennelklub the 22th of March.
Monika with Charlie (left) and Birte with Misty. In the middle judgeKärdi Maret from Estonia.
24 Old English Sheepdogs entered the Malmø-show 22th of March in Sweden. Four of them were danish: Buster, Rosa, Lucy and our own Misty. Judge was Kärdi Maret from Estonia.
Everybody was very concentrated grooming before the judgings took place - except for the danish OES-club chairman Johnny, who had a good time relaxing in a chair! He and wife Bende came to Sweden without dog - just to encourage the others.
First danish dog in the showring was Tove's Buster handled by Torben. Buster got the certificate, and then became Swedish Champion as well as danish. Congratulations to Tove!
In the best dog competition Monika with Charlie (Bugaboo's Lord of Gould) was best with Buster as number 2. On the picture right it is first Buster then Charlie.
In the junior-class Henriette and Rosa were best with a CK, so they had to join the competition of being best bitch with the other open-class sheepdogs (left).
In the open-class were the two danish dogs Misty and Lucy. Misty was handled by our good friend Monika from Sweden and Lucy was handled by Torben from Denmark. All in all six dogs were in the class, and the judge choose Misty as her number 1 bitch and Lucy as number 2 - both wit a CK.
It was very exciting to watch the judgings in the best-bitch competition. Judge Kardi Maret made Misty number 1 and Lucy number 2 - in front of all the Champion-class-bitches.
Then it was time to find the best of breed. Monika handled both her own Charlie (who made it to best dog) and our Misty. So Birte had to join the ring to handle Misty.
It turned out that Charlie became best of breed and Misty best of opposite sex. Congratulations to Monika and husband Nisse and to Charlie's breeder. He is a wonderful dog!
Misty was very tired as we came back to Denmark. But as soon as she was together with her pack again and as they all four ran free in the field next to our house, she ran like a rocket in front of them all!

It was a great day for us. And very nice to go to a show meeting both danish and swedish dog-friends. It is indeed nice when the judge likes your dog, and it gives you a great kick to win. But for us the greatest kick of them all is to have a nice and charming dog such as Misty. She may be small of size but she is indeed big in personality. This gives us the many daily pleasures, which are the best of all. We are very grateful to Sue Noyce (Misty's breeder) - how made it possible for us to bring lovely little Misty to Denmark.

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