Maise will be three years old the 7th of March, so we thought it was time for her to try to have puppies.
In advance we had made an agreement to use Alex, SUCH Footprint's Lamborghini, and when Maise fell in to season we talked to Alex' owner, Anneli, to go to her home in Nässjö Sweden and stay for the night.
Unfortunately Misty got an uterus infection and needed an operation Friday before we had to go. So we were not pleased with travelling very far - not being able to get home quickly. Anneli kindly suggested that she drove to Åstorp, close to Helsingborg and the danish border. She could stay with a friend there. And we could be able to drive home in few hours.
Sunday the 2nd of March we drove to Åstorp and presented Alex to Maise. It seemed like love at first sight, and only 30 minutes later we were on our way home again - Misty having that 'puppy-look' in her eyes!
We met again the 3th of March and this mating was also by the book.
Alex is an older guy, being 10 years in March. But a true gentleman with a lovely temperament.
Now, all we can do is wait 3-4 weeks to have Maise scanned for puppies.
By the way: Misty has recovered well from her operation.

Play the pictures from Alex and Maise's meeting in Åstorp. Music is by Orup - swedish singer/composer.

Kennel Blue Berry mainsite
Alex (left) and Maise, when she was showed in Hillerød last year.
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