Our K-litter (Maise) was 5 years the 7th of March, and to celebrate the day we invited all “our puppies” and some dog-friends to a walk along Ishøj Beach.
From the K-litter came Terkel and Kevin – and of course Maise.
From the N-litter came Luffe and Simba.
Fie and Sofus represented the M-litter.
From the L-litter came Ludvig and our Alonso.
Mother and grandmother to all of them, our Misty, was also there.
Furthermore came Salvatore with the New Foundland puppy, Esther, and Lene with the Labradors Fie and Mudhi.
We went for a walk in the sand dunes and at the seaside, where the dogs could run free.
We ended up having coffee and birthday cake in the open, while the dogs and the kids played around.
In the evening Maise’s birthday ended with sharing a birthday cheesecake with Alonso and Misty. Thanks to Lone who made birthday cakes for both dogs and humans.
Thank to all of you who came and celebrated the K-litter birthday. For us as breeders it is always wonderful to find out that “our puppies” have a great life. And we now they have!
Maybe some day we will have pictures of Gizmo, Sazja, Sigurd and Lukas….
We met on the parking ground.
In the background Simba, then Fie and Maise.
The dogs were alowd to run free on the beach.
Fie from the M-litter.
Simba ffrom the N-litter.
Luffe from the N-litter.
Maise in front and behind her Sofus.
Sofie with Sofus from the M-litter and Maise.
Esther, Simba and Luffe.
Simba meeting Mudhi. Right it is Kevin and behind him Fie.
Alonso and behind him Maise with Simba.
Kennel Blue Berry mainsite
Esther, Mudhi and Simba.
Because of the 5-year birthday, we had asked the K-litter families to send us pictures of their dogs.
Until now we have had photos from Konrad (left), Terkel (right), Keegan (below Konrad), Kevin (below Terkel) og Maise, (down to the left).