Maise is 11 years
Maise is puppy from our K-litter. Our own Misty was the mother and Dreamdancer’s Balantines the father of the litter (left). There were three bitches and six males in this wonderful litter.
Unfortunately some of the litter-mates don’t live anymore. But we can still feel good about Gizmo, Lucas, Sigurd, Kevin - and our own Maise.
On the right picture she is seven weeks old.

Maise being 11 years of age is hard to believe. She is full of energi and loves to tease the other dogs in our pack - especially Snowy, who is so quite and sweet, just like Maise’s mother, Misty, was.

At her age there is always a bit of rheumatism. Is’s not easy for Maise to get up from slippery floors. But she gets a very small dose of medicin, and that does it. She is very happy and comfortable.

Maise has been together with us on journeys abroad and in Denmark. She was just a small puppy, when we first took her with us in the car to France.

But it’s especially the trips to North Jutland she loves. She turnes into a puppy, when she can run in the sand dunes, jump in the sea or nose around in the plantations.  We don’t take her for the very long walks anymore. But if we walk calmly, she can easily manage a long trip in the morning and again a trip after noon.

Maise has never been so happy about dog-shows, but she has been there, with succes a couple of times. As a contrary she enjoys obedience and herding.

When Maise was three years old she had her first litter with Alex from Sweden.

There have been two great letters since then.

Maise is wise and has a long life of experiences. So she is the perfect leader of our pack.

We enjoy every day with her, enjoy seeing her happy and cheeky. We hope to be able to keep her for a long time ahead.

Happy birthday to all the wonderful puppy-buyers from Maise’s litter. Both you who can celebrate your dog’s birthday and those who unfortunately cannot.

Maise with her pack: Alonso, Tiffany, Maise and Snowy. Maise in the winter of 2015 - she loves the snow!
Maise in the plantation in Ålbæk - this is one of her favorite places to go.



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