Magnus is 12 years old today and during this spring he seems livelier than he has been for a long time. He is still suffering from rheumatism, which means he can't go for long walks. Actually 10 minutes is fine for him. But he can easily spend some more time, when he is first out in the field. He should nose around finding all the new smells.

We don't take him for longer walks on the beach or in the woods. He is not pleased with that and doesn't like the car drive. He is comfortable at home and enjoys his daily walks in the fields out side our house.
At home he is frisky and brash like any young dog. And his fond of food doesn't fail him. So we give him his roll of goats cheese as often as possible. That's his favourite. He shares with the rest of the pack, and they also appreciate this luxury meal.

In the group Magnus is the leader as he has always been. He is beloved and respected by all of them. Especially to Alonso Magnus is a great example.

We know that everyday with Magnus is special. We enjoy it. An old dog is particular. Magnus has his whims and does what he pleases. We allow him, of course.
We also know that soon this will end. We never imagined Magnus to be 12 years old. But that makes our joy so much greater.

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