The puppies are really developing at the moment. You can see from day to day, how their personalities are being build.

Now is the time for the small individuals to be created. Now is the time, when we really start getting close to them. But we have to be careful, cause now is also the time to realize that time is short. In one or two weeks time they are all gone to other homes.

The change from group-dog to independent dog is clear, since they don’t do everything in common any longer. Some of them go and play in the garden, while some take a nap in the kitchen or another corner of the house.

But they agree about one thing: They are all hungry at the same time! Maise still gives lots of milk and they enjoy that. We feed them with dry food, which is soaked with water for just a few minutes. If it takes much longer, they cry and bark!

Alonso is with them most of the time. He loves them and tries to teach them things like hunting games or dogfight! He wants them to catch him when he steals one of their teddy bears and runs away with it in his mouth. The puppies learn how grown dogs react. Precious experiences for small dogs growing up.
Misty is with them once in a while. She is not really into them, since they are not her own.
Maise has accepted both Alonso and Misty being with the litter. It has taken some time!

People have come to see us during the week. The puppies learn to associate with different people, and that is fine. This weekend more puppy buyers will come, take their puppy in lead and go for a short walk, go for a ride in a car and finally put it on the grooming table. Good practice for all parts.

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