It is visiting time for the six weeks old litter. Once again we had open house for the puppy buyers. We are glad, that so many show up in order to learn their forthcoming puppy to know.

It is funnier now, since everybody knows which puppy they are going to get.
For the selection of puppies is over. We have tried to distribute the puppies according to the announcements people have given us. Yet most people have told us, that it didn’t really matter which puppy the got. They are all nice, they think, and they have trusted our judgment. Therefore we have tried our best to match pups and families – from what we know of the litter and the people.

So now its is more fu to visit your puppy. Give him a collard and lead and tri to go for a little walk. A short car drive. And up o the grooming table, where Birte has given lessons in grooming technique and general dog trim. It was huge experiences for the little puppies, and they all slept well afterwards.

Speaking of sleep! The litter wakes at 4-5 in the morning. So they should out to pee and then they like to get their food. Finally they need entertainment! It is difficult slipping them into the yard, since they make a lot of noise when they play and fight – and we have to take care of the neighbors. So we let them out in the garden, which they actually prefer, since there is much more space. But once in a while it is some very dirty puppies we get back into the house. They have made a cave underneath a big bush. When it rains, the grown gets really muddy – but they don’t seem to care!

The puppies try their strength. Thy fight, and it sound formidable. If is gets too wild, Maise stops them. They also train hunting- and prey-games, and they do some tug-of-war with us or with each other. Three or four pups to one rope is not unusual.
In many ways they seem ready to send out into the big world. But they get three or four more weeks I our house There is lots they got to learn in order to grow up to get mature, independent and self-confident little creatures.

And then we people soon can start looking for a change to get a full night’s sleep again. Than might be funny…!
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