Yesterday the puppies were let out of their room and in to the kitchen.
Some of them ran out with high tale…yes this is great! Others were more careful, and a couple of them did not like it very much.

After they tried that for some times it went much better with the most careful, and they bravest of them wanted more. They wanted to investigate the other rooms and the garden, where Alsonso stood watching the scenery through the glass-door.

This means that they don’t think it is much fun staying in the puppy-room any longer. So they make noise in order to get out. Now it’s up to us to be firm. If we give in to the whining the pups will be in command! So before we let them out, it has to be quiet in the room. This is first step of leadership training!

Besides we are very happy with a harmonious and wonderful litter. They have to test dominance more often – and some times it sound intense, when they do a friendly battle. But they are very lovable and social, and love to nestle to us and get caressed. They have started playing with things as teddy bears and balls. It won’t be long until there will be more hunting games.

The puppy buyers often come to see us. It is nice talking to them and they are pleased with following their puppy.
We are trying to manage who-is-getting-which puppy. People have wishes and it is our job to make ends meet and make everybody happy. Now we are getting a better look at the puppies’ temperament. That is important when the puppies should be distributed. The more careful pups should go to quiet families, and the brash ones can easily go with families with kids.
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The puppies meet Alsonso